EZ Detangler Brush
EZ Detangler Brush
EZ Detangler Brush
EZ Detangler

EZ Detangler Brush

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Now you can easily detangle curly and super coily hair types (3A-4C) with the EZ Detangler Brush. This brush helps with detangling hair types 3A-4C with no issues. Simply wet your hair and apply your favourite detangling conditioner to easily glide through your curls and detangle. The EZ Detangler Brush brush makes wash days a breeze as it cuts down the time by more than half. 

EZ Detangler Brush Benefits:

Confidence: step out in confidence with your freshly detangled curls poppin' every time

Detangle in half the time: reclaim your time! Cut down on your detangling/wash day time with the EZ Detangler brush. 

Skip the pain: perfect for babies, kids, and tender headed queens! Mamma approved!! 

How to Use:

  1. Start with wetting your hair with water or moisturize with your favourite conditioner (recommended for curly and coily textures)
  2. Section hair and begin detangling from the ends working your way up to the roots. Let the separated bristles glide through your curls and detangle.
  3. For extremely tangled hair hold and brush VERTICALLY to get rid of the toughest knots first and then brush HORIZONTALLY for easy detangling